Lainey Wilson in Career In Pictures  

By: Priya Patel                       June, 27 2023

Lainey knows how to do farming as her father was a farmer and she used to help him in the fields.

She used to impersonate 'Hannah Montana' in her high school. 

She is a huge fan of 'Dolly Parton', she considers dolly as her hero and dream collaborator. 

Lainey Wilson is not having an  affair with anyone presently but earlier she dated her childhood friend  for 7 years and got her heart broken. 

She was just 9 years old when she wrote her first song and she learned to play guitar from her father at the age of 11. 

She is a dog lover and even mentioned pain of losing one in her song 'Keeping Bars in Business'. 

She grew up riding horses in her farm and whenever she goes home, she makes sure to spend time with her horses. 

She reached bigger audience when her music appeared on "Yellowstone". 

She has a deep love for bell-bottom pants and has her own individual sense of fashion.