Katrina says Rahul Dravid will lead India to victory as a coach just like in ‘Chak De! India’

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, who is currently receiving a lot of positive response to her recently released film ‘Tiger 3’, has drawn parallels between Rahul Dravid, the coach of the Indian cricket squad and the sports films ‘Chak De! India’ as the World Cup final between India and Australia progresses.

The actress expressed her optimism about Rahul Dravid’s coaching, as she said, “I think, similar to the movie ‘Chak De! India’, Rahul Dravid will lead Team India to victory as a coach. I believe Rahul Sir will finally see his dream come true. It’s a perfect story, and I think we can make a biopic on this, hopefully after today.”

Katrina’s ‘Tiger 3’ co-star Salman Khan applauded Rahul Dravid’s enduring dedication and unchanged demeanour.

The actor said: “Rahul Dravid has worked with so many youngsters from the next generation and trained them, but this guy has remained the same. He has not changed an ounce. It’s incredible because when you’re on the field, you’re burning so many calories, and then you stop, you put on weight.”

Salman added: “But Rahul Dravid, with all his coaching dedication and the desire to see our Indian Cricket Team win the World Cup, has a motivation that even if I don’t win, the Indian Cricket Team should win this World Cup. That is true love for cricket and for Indian sportsmen.”

The match streams on Disney+ Hotstar and Star Sports.