Trisha Krishnan blasts ‘Leo’ co-actor Mansoor Ali Khan for ‘bedroom scene’

Actress Trisha Krishnan, who is known for films like ‘Ponniyin Selvan: I’, ‘Khatta Meetha’ and ‘96’, has slammed her ‘Leo’ co-actor Mansoor Ali Khan for speaking about her in a “vile and disgusting manner.”

Mansoor had recently said that when he learnt that he was working with Trisha, he thought there would be a bedroom scene featuring the two of them but Trisha was not even shown to him on sets.

Taking to her X, she wrote a long note bashing Mansoor for his distasteful remarks.

“A recent video has come to my notice where Mr. Mansoor Ali Khan has spoken about me in a vile and disgusting manner. I strongly condemn this and find it sexist, disrespectful, misogynistic, repulsive and in bad taste.”

She further mentioned: “He can keep wishing but I am grateful never to have shared screen space with someone as pathetic as him and I will make sure it never happens for the rest of my film career as well. People like him bring a bad name to mankind.”

Playback singer Chinmayi Sripaada too slammed Mansoor in a lengthy note. She wrote on X: “The thing about men like Mansoor Ali Khan – they have always been talking like this. Never been condemned, with other men in power, money and influence laughing along.”

“Robo Shankar said something about how he wanted to be allowed to touch the actress; the actress had no idea what was being said but if I remember until a journalist called him out, everyone else was smiling even if they felt comfortable enough to share displeasure”, she added.