Title glimpse of Ram Pothineni-starrer ‘Skanda – The Attacker’ unveiled

The title glimpse of Boyapati Sreenu and Ustaad Ram Pothineni’s highly-anticipated movie, ‘Skanda – The Attacker’, has been unveiled.

Title glimpse

Skanda is the other name of Lord Karthikeya, also known as Subrahmanya. The tagline, ‘The Attacker’, indicates the ferocious nature of the protagonist. The title logo has Lord Karthikeya’s weapon ‘vel’, the divine spear, incorporated in it.

In the title glimpse, Ram appears in a rugged, mass avatar. He is seen taking on a gang of goons in the pond of a temple. Ram mouths a power-packed dialogue: “Meeru Digithe Oodedundadu… Nenu Digithe Migiledundadu… (Your entry will be futile, but my entry will be devastating).”

Stun Shiva choreographed this high-octane fight sequence, which has some stunning blocks. S.S. Thaman’s thumping background score pumps more energy into the visuals. The title glimpse creates a storm in no time.

Sreeleela is the female lead opposite Ram in the film that is being presented by Zee Studios South and Pavan Kumar.

‘Skanda – The Attacker’ will release worldwide on September 15 in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi.

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