Gave my voice to Nobita, Doraemon became No.1 cartoon show: Simran Kaur

Simran Kaur, who is the voice behind the famous cartoon character Nobita from the animated series ‘Doraemon’, said after she gave her voice to Nobita, the show became ‘Number 1’.

Simran Kaur

Simran Kaur gave her voice to Nobita at the age of nine.

Sharing her journey of becoming the voice of Nobita, she said: “It was very simple for me. I auditioned for the voice of Nobita and I became Nobita’s voice. When I went to the audition, I was the only child present there. I was 9 that time. I had thought only I was asked to come to audition. But, later we (she and her parents) came to know that lakhs and lakhs of children from various parts of India were auditioned for the same. But I was the lucky one to be chosen.”

She continued: “Initially we did not know that it was a big deal. My parents and I thought we have given voice to 52 episodes and it is all done. But later we came to know that it is a recurring process and new seasons will come after one finishes. Then we came to know that it was a big deal”.

“I was not the first Nobita. Doraemon was airing on TV for a very long time but when I gave my voice to Nobita, it became number 1. So everyone used to tell me I was lucky for the show. We also brought some changes in the character’s voice to make it more entertaining for the audiences,” she added.

Simran Kaur also played the lead role in Zee TV’s show ‘Agar Tum Na Hote’ alongside Himanshu Soni.

She has also worked in television shows ‘Agnifera’ and ‘Aghori’.

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