Parinitaa Seth says her ‘Vanshaj’ character manipulates people to her advantage

The new family-drama series ‘Vanshaj’ takes viewers to the luxurious and grand world of the Mahajan family. Actress Parinitaa Seth, who essays the role of Gargi, the wife of Dhanraj (played by Gireesh Sahdev), said that Gargi uses her cunning ways to manipulate people and situations to her benefit.

Parinitaa Seth says her ‘Vanshaj’ character manipulates people to her advantage

Elaborating on this point, she said: “Gargi is a complex character, known for her strategic thinking. Gargi manipulates situations and people to her advantage. Every action she takes is carefully calculated and aligned with her ultimate goal: securing her son’s position. Gargi is not one to leave things to chance.”

The actress further mentioned: “She carefully plots her actions, considering all possible outcomes and risks. Her motive revolves around protecting and advancing her son’s interests, ensuring he attains the position and power. She sees her son’s success as a reflection of her own capabilities and accomplishments.”

The show’s plot intertwines elements of family drama, political intrigue, and the interpersonal dynamics of a wealthy business dynasty, presenting an interesting narrative.

Parinita further spoke of the similarities with her on-screen persona as she said: “I absolutely love how my character embodies the essence of a woman of today—trendy, classy, and confident. It’s fascinating to see how our paths align in terms of style and elegance. However, that’s where the similarities end, for beneath the surface, I am fortunate to have a unique journey that sets me apart.”

“As an actor, I cherish the opportunity to breathe life into a character that resonates with the contemporary spirit. It’s a testament to the evolving roles we see for women in our society, and I am grateful to play a part in that narrative,” she added.

‘Vanshaj’ airs Monday to Saturday on Sony SAB.

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