‘India’s Best Dancer 3’: Sonali Bendre, Geeta Kapur unspool childhood monsoon memories

Actress Sonali Bendre and choreographer Geeta Kapur, who serve as the judges on the dance reality show, ‘India’s Best Dancer 3’, will be seen reminiscing about their childhood memories of the monsoon in the upcoming ‘Baarish Special’ episode of the show.

‘India’s Best Dancer 3’ Sonali Bendre, Geeta Kapur unspool childhood monsoon memories

During the course of the episode, contestant Aniket Chauhan, along with his choreographer Kartik Raja, will be seen impressing the judges and compelling them to give them a standing ovation as they performed to the song, ‘Maston Ka Jhund’ from the film ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’.

Aniket’s act spurred Sonali Bendre and Geeta Kapur to reminisce about their respective childhood experiences associated with rain.

Walking down the memory lane, Sonali Bendre, shared, “The most beautiful time is when it rains for the first time. The earth emits such a beautiful fragrance which seems to be missing nowadays. I prefer the rain when I am inside my home, watching it from my window. During my childhood, we used to get soaked in the rain.

“It made us feel good running outside and enjoying the monsoon season! We continued this tradition until college. We continued this tradition until college, but after entering the world of movies, rain scenes became more of a challenge. We would be in the water all day long, and the idea of romance during the day disappeared.”

The episode will also see an engaging moment, where the judges, relieving childhood memories, will appear on the stage along with the contestants and the choreographers and make paper boats.

Geeta Kapur, said, “I have some good, as well as strange memories of the rain. To begin with, the sound of rain is very distinctive. Raindrops would drip from the roof, and we used to place containers to collect the water. Each drop used to make a different sound as the droplets hit the containers. As I now stand on my balcony, gazing outside, I realised how different those days were compared to the present. I am a monsoon baby, so yes; I do love the rain.”

The special episode of ‘India’s Best Dancer 3’ airs this weekend on Sony Entertainment Television.

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