‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’: Falaq opens up about brother Sheezan going to jail after Tunisha’s suicide

Actress Falaq Naaz was seen opening up about her brother Sheezan Khan’s troubled life of going to jail after his co-actress Tunisha Sharma’s death.

In the latest episode of the show, Falaq was seen getting emotional and talking about her brother. She was heard saying: “I never take credit for standing and defending my family. My younger brother Shabi only kept asking about Sheezan when he was behind bars.”

Falaq shared how she and her family couldn’t tell Shabi when Sheezan would return.

“Once, Shabi went to jail to see Sheezan… Shabi spoke to Sheezan on the phone by being on the other side of the window, and while crying, he asked Sheezan, ‘When are you coming home?’ Only I know how I have managed the situation.”

All teared up. Falaq then revealed the reason behind her being scared of attachments.

“People keep saying ‘Karma is a b***h’… This is the reason I’m scared of attachment. Now we are even scared to suggest a physician to someone. Humanity is not left. Some even say that I’m here to polish my family’s image.” She expressed that she does not need to do that.

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