Kubbra on working with Jisshu Sengupta: He has this childlike fun ability

Actress Kubbra Sait has talked about working with acclaimed actors such as Jisshu Sengupta and Sheeba Chaddha in the upcoming Kajol-starrer ‘The Trial – Pyaar, Kaanoon, Dhokha’. Kubbra has shared her experience working with her co actors.

Actress Kubbra Sait

Talking about her experience working with Jisshu Sengupta, Kubbra said: “The cast of The Trial are a great bunch of people, really wonderful. My first day of shooting was this face off scene with Jisshu and he’s so stoic, quiet, settled and centered and literally as the camera rolls at me, he goes and sits behind the monitor, you can hear him giggle. He has this childlike fun ability, which was amazing to deal with.”

Talking about her experience working with Sheeba Chadda, she added, “Sheeba Chadda is an incredible actor. Every time I had a scene with her and I worked with her, I went Oh, my God, ‘aapke charan kaha hain.’ She’s such a good actor, also Sheeba and I follow each other on Instagram. So, we’re in touch every day, that’s something that we do, come what may.”

“Ally – very interesting choice to play Vishal because of his energy, what he brings to the table, which is so different from anybody else we’ve seen. He lives out of the country in general. So, when he’s here, he brings that suave and that panache that he effervescently carries with himself so that was great.” added Kubra on working with Ally Khan. ‘The Trial – Pyaar, Kaanoon, Dhokha’ will be streaming on Disney+ Hotstar from July 14

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