Adnan Khan overcomes acrophobia for ‘Pracchand Ashok’

Adnan Khan overcomes acrophobia for ‘Pracchand Ashok’. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, Feb 27 : Actor Adnan Khan has braved his chronic fear of heights for a high-octane action sequence for the show ‘Pracchand Ashok’.

The show, which stars Adnan in the titular role and enlivens the larger-than-life odyssey of Samrat Ashok, is not without its challenges.

For an action scene, which involved a daring fight sequence on top of a 30-foot bell tower, Adnan battled his fear in the same way his character fights his enemies.

Talking about overcoming his acrophobia, Adnan said: “At first, I could barely stand on the towering bell… it was nerve-wracking, as I have height phobia. But with all necessary precautions and my crew’s assistance, I could tackle this fear head-on.

“For an actor, every day is a new learning process, especially when one is embodying such a powerful character like Samrat Ashok.”

The show outlines the journeys of Samrat Ashok and Princess Kaurwaki, who fall in love despite the odds stacked against them.

‘Pracchand Ashok’ airs on Colors.