Rapper Bad Bunny signs up for dating app after splitting with girlfriend

Rapper Bad Bunny signs up for dating app after splitting with girlfriend. Image Source: IANS News

Los Angeles, Feb 25 : Rapper Bad Bunny has joined exclusive dating app Raya following his split from Kendall Jenner.

The 29-year-old Puerto Rican rapper and singer is reportedly using the dating app to find dates on his ‘Most Wanted Tour’, reports ‘Female First UK’.

As per Sun, his profile was changed last week to say he was “visiting Salt Lake City from San Juan”, when he performed in the city.

He has also linked his page to ‘Let’s Go To My Crib’ by Volito, Randy Jowell and shared a photograph of himself wearing a white bathrobe.

Kendall (28) who dated the rapper for almost a year has reportedly grown close to her former boyfriend Devin Booker following their split in 2022.

TMZ reports that the supermodel and the basketball star are taking things slowly. And Kendall has reportedly been travelling to support Devin at his basketball games.

In 2021 Kendall revealed why she likes to keep her relationships private and told Andy Cohen: “He’s my boyfriend. No offence to my older sisters at all, but I think Kylie and I specifically have had the opportunity to watch our older sisters go through marriages and relationships and breakups and do them pretty publicly.”

She said that it is a private matter and not for anybody else to judge or know.