I want to reach out to the world audience with my work

Ram Madhvani: Only through moulding the clay you understand filmmaking. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, Feb 16 : Director Ram Madhvani, who is receiving a lot of positive response to the new season of ‘Aarya’, has said that he strives to entertain the world audience, and that the show’s Emmy nod was a step in that direction.

The International Emmy nominated series, which stars Sushmita Sen in the titular role, follows the journey of its titular character, who is an independent woman putting all her might to protect her family. She joins a mafia gang in order to get revenge for her husband’s murder.

Talking about his vision to appeal to the international audience, Ram told IANS: “I want to be the kind of filmmaker who is known as not just Indian but also international – the international Indian. I want to talk to not just our audience but the world audience.”

“I have been brought up on a healthy dose of Hindi movies, European movies and movies from other languages, so it has been a part of my system. I want to reach out to the world audience. I have done that in my advertising career, and the Emmy nomination for ‘Aarya’ and the National Award for ‘Neerja’ are the steps in that direction for me.”

‘Aarya Antim Vaar’ streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.