‘We trust these big names’

Malvi Malhotra accuses Vikram Bhatt of not paying for her work: ‘We trust these big names’. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, Feb 6 : Actress Malvi Malhotra has talked about working with Vikram Bhatt Productions for a song titled ‘Barbaad Kar Diya’ directed by the filmmaker’s daughter Krishna Bhatt. She has accused them of not giving her remunerations and said that the reason why she is opening up about it now is because she wanted people to know.

Talking about the incident, Malvi in a conversation with IANS, said: “I did this song few months ago and kept on asking for the payments for at least few months and then I realised ‘how much you would ask’… So, I ignored it.

“Then, Vikram Bhatt again asked me to do some web-series for him and for that I said ‘No’. I felt that he still has that audacity to ask me to work without payments.

“He has still not cleared by previous payments so I was feeling very bad, upset and shocked about it. I really don’t want any legal actions, I just wanted to make people aware about what is happening and that is what my concern is.”

Malvi, who made her acting debut with the TV show ‘Udann’ in 2017, feels that what she went through, “it should not happen to any other actor”.

Malvi said that she was already shooting for a film, when she got a call for the song.

“When I got a call for this song, I was already shooting for my film down south and I took out a few days to shoot. I didn’t even ask them for the payment at that time. We had discussed the contract and terms. After I sent them the invoice, they kept on delaying me, the accounts department, everyone from the production house kept on delaying it,” she said.

She then tried reaching out to Vikram Bhatt for the payment follow-up, but he also did not respond.

“In the end, I reached out to Vikram Bhatt, Krishna… they also ignored… I thought to share because listening to these big names we trust them, but for actors who actually want to work in the industry, they deserve their money and remunerations for what they have worked for.”

“There’s nothing against them. I just wanted to share my experience,” she said.