Rahul Vaidya on Poonam Pandey’s new low

‘RIP PR/Marketing’: Rahul Vaidya on Poonam Pandey’s new low. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, Feb 3 : Singer and music composer Rahul Vaidya has slammed the fake death announcement by the controversial actress Poonam Pandey, urging people to refrain from reacting, categorising it as a strategic move in her campaign, and dismissing it with a poignant ‘RIP PR/marketing’.

On Friday morning, a post appeared on Pandey’s official Instagram handle announcing her death from cervical cancer. Rahul earlier had suspicions regarding the sudden death announcement of Poonam.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), the ‘Baaton Ko Teri’ singer had written: “Am I the only one who thinks Poonam Pandey is not dead…??”

Now, on Saturday, when Poonam shared a video on social media saying that she has faked her demise, as she wanted to ignite a conversation around cervical cancer, Rahul took to the social media and voiced his strong disapproval, calling it a new low of creating a sensational campaign.

In the Instagram Stories, Rahul shared a small video, in which he can be seen saying, “Everybody who is now saying oh my God Poonam Pandey has such bad publicity, so cheap… guys you are so stupid.. that’s what they want.. this is the plan of the campaign.”

“They want people to get shocked and react so ignore it.. I have known Poonam, met her one or two times, she is a nice girl, I don’t know who suggested her this firstly, secondly, I know her PR very well, she is very close to me, so I won’t say anything bad about her….So please stop it now. This is a part of the campaign, have some sense,” added Rahul in the video.

He also took to X and wrote: “And I was right!! Now that poonam is alive I can surely say RIP PR/ marketing. New low of creating a sensational/viral campaign .. welcome to KALYUG.”

Meanwhile, Rahul was last seen as a contestant in the stunt based reality show ‘Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 11’.