Varun Sood opens up on intimate scenes with ‘Karmma Calling’ actress Namrata Sheth

When Varun Sood felt bad for his character Ahaan Kothari. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, Feb 1 : Actor Varun Sood, who essays the role of Ahaan Kothari in the streaming show ‘Karmma Calling’, has opened up on the intimate scenes with his co-actor Namrata Sheth on the show.

Shooting intimate scenes can be a little tricky at times and needs a delicate balance to bring out the scene aesthetically and ensure comfort of the actors. The two actors found their comfort as they developed good understanding between each other and the show director Ruchi Narain.

Talking about the same, Varun Sood said, “There was actually no preparation that we took for shooting the intimate scenes because I think there was a very nice understanding between Ruchi, Namrata and I. And obviously people who watch it think that Oh my god, how was this shot and all. But actually it is pretty technical and professional. You decide the whole thing, you catch the light you are listening to the director while it is happening”.

He further mentioned, “You have to just build that rapport with your co-actor, build that comfort and be like okay, let’s get this done, it’s another scene because we have more things to shoot after this. So there was actually no nerves or fear when shooting that scene. Everything was very comfortable and everything was natural”.

Produced by R.A.T Films, ‘Karmma Calling’ is based on the U.S. original series ‘Revenge’. The show is available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar.