Ed Sheeran munches on octopus during lavish night out in Japan

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Los Angeles, Jan 30 : Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran surprised some of his fans when he shared a video of himself dining out across Osaka in Japan, where he devoured an octopus.

The 32-year-old chart-topping star is currently touring Asia as part of his ongoing Mathematics Tour – which has been rumbling around the world since 2022, reports Mirror.co.uk.

Over the weekend, the singer delighted fans when he performed in the Japanese city Osaka – and during his downtime in the city, he raced around several eateries to enjoy different foods and drinks.

Fortunately, Ed recorded his culinary journey and cut together a highlights reel of his night out in the city where he reviewed the dishes he ate. He shared the footage via Instagram, and captioned the highlights video writing: “Eating octopus balls in Osaka”.

Footage showed the singer testing out the dish, then declaring: “It’s alright… Don’t know if I’d order it again.”

However, some fans were fooled into thinking he was eating the sexual organs of cephalopods rather than simple crispy dumplings that include octopus meat.

As per Mirror.co.uk, Pop brothers Jedward were among those baffled by Ed’s statement – and reacted to his post. The former X Factor contestants wrote in the comment section of the posting: “Never knew they had balls what an educational video to all.”

But another follower swiftly corrected the pair, writing: “LMAO it’s a spherical-shaped snack with a wheat-flour batter filled with diced octopus and other ingredients, not their actual ‘balls’,” alongside a crying-with-laughter emoji.

The footage then showed Ed enjoying okonomiyaki which included cabbage, prawns, eggs and spices as ingredients – in another restaurant. Enjoying the dish, Ed enthused: “This is good. I love a bit of cabbage.”

Sharing his general thoughts on Japanese food, he told the camera: “I love, obviously, sushi nagiri… soba noodles, big fan of that. Coco ichibanya curry… that’s f****** good.”