Sushmita Sen says she felt like the last soldier in personal battle while shooting climax of ‘Aarya’

Sushmita Sen is a wounded tigress going for the kill in ‘Aarya 3’ trailer. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, Jan 29 : Actress Sushmita Sen, who is gearing up for the upcoming season of her show ‘Aarya’, has shared that she felt like she was the last soldier in her own personal battle while shooting for the climax scene in the new season.

She also shared that she was fully prepared to shoot the climax and she felt that the line between Aarya and Sushmita almost got blurred.

For an actor who pours their heart into every role, filming intense scenes is as emotional as they are portrayed on screen. Sushmita experienced this firsthand on the set of the Emmy award-nominated show in which she portrays the titular character.

Elaborating on the same, the actress said: “Shooting the climax scenes in Aarya’s Antim Vaar was quite a challenge for me, being a pretty emotional person. It felt like I was the last soldier in my own personal battle. I was super prepared, especially during the action parts so much so that the line between Aarya and Sushmita almost got blurred.”

She further mentioned: “Playing Aarya doesn’t feel like acting; it’s more like a dedication to doing whatever it takes to protect family, just like I would. Thanks to Ram Madhavani, filming those intense scenes was surprisingly comfortable . He makes the set feel easy and stress-free, almost like letting go of all the tension.”

‘Aarya Antim Vaar’ will drop on Disney+ Hotstar on February 9, 2024.