Nolan’s a fan of ‘The Curse’, says it’s unlike anything he’s seen on TV before

Christopher Nolan recalls Al Pacino’s ‘been there, done that’ greatness. Image Source: IANS News

Los Angeles, Jan 29 : Filmmaker Christopher Nolan has praised the show ‘The Curse’ and said that it’s unlike anything he has ever seen on television before.

Nolan was seen moderating a panel for ‘The Curse’, the Showtime series that stars Nathan Fielder and Emma Stone.

In the panel that the cable network shared on YouTube, Nolan praised the show, saying: “It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen on television before. I think the show is incredible.”

Nolan said that this type of show could only be made now during the “anarchy of the streaming era” and that “tone is the star” of the series — comparing it to the first season of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.

“Congratulations on an incredible show that’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen on television before. There are so few shows that come along that genuinely have no precedence,” Nolan said as the panel ended, reports

“You’re going back to things like Twin Peaks, or The Prisoner, or Dennis Potter’s Singing Detective and things like that, so you’re in an amazing space, and I can’t wait to catch up with the climax.”

‘The Curse’ is a satirical black comedy thriller that premiered on Showtime on November 12.

Stone and Fielder star as a married couple filming a show for HGTV while they believe they’ve been cursed. Safdie also stars as the producer of the show.

Recurring cast members include Constance Shulman, Hikmah Warsame, Dahabo Ahmed, Christopher Calderón, Barkhad Abdi, Gary Farmer and Nizhonniya Luxi Austin.