Avika Gor to have a working birthday this year on two different sets

Actress Avika Gor, who will be turning 26 on Friday, will be having a working birthday on two different sets.

Avika Gor to have a working birthday this year on two different sets

“I am shooting for two projects, so two different sets, two different celebrations with my units. It’s going to be exciting and constructive unlike other birthdays where I just chill and have fun with family and friends. This time I am going to be focusing on my work and give my best with every shot,” she said.

A birthday ritual that she follows every year is to spend as much time as possible with her family.

“I try to do that every year. If I am not with my family, I am on one hour-long video calls with them. Other ritual is very lame but I am obsessed with two minute instant noodles so my cake is never a chocolate or black forest cake, my cake is always a maggie cake so that’s what I do since many years now,” she shared, adding that age is just a number.

Sharing one of her most memorable birthdays, she added: “Everybody is always very special and every birthday is always different from the last time. I cannot choose one. I am looking forward to this as it is going to be a more special one especially after the hit announcement of 1920: Horrors of the Hearts.”

“I am definitely feeling more amazing about my work and that celebration is going to be carried forward for a very long time.”

And a memorable birthday gift, according to her, is doing a hit in Hindi. “This is going to be the biggest gift ever that I have got from my audience and I am really grateful for that and it’s always going to be special,” she said.