Karuna Pandey says her ‘Pushpa Impossible’ role has changed female representation

Actress Karuna Pandey, who essays the role of Pushpa in the television show ‘Pushpa Impossible’, feels that she believes her titular character has brought a positive change with regards to the representation of a typical woman in Indian society.

Karuna Pandey

In the show Karuna portrays the character of a ninth grade pass out, who decides to study again while navigating routine challenges of life as she raises her three children.

Talking about the change that her character has brought given the extensive reach of television in Indian households, the actress said, “Pushpa has changed the representation of a typical woman in a society, by challenging stereotypes and encouraging that one needs to live life with courage. Pushpa is a woman who has shown that nothing can stop a woman if she decides to chase her dreams, and that dreams do not go by age limits”.

She also made a very important point about the individuality of women in the patriarchal society that often reduces them to people linked with men, having no individuality of their own.

She shared, “She has also reminded us to see the women around us as more than just a mother, daughter, sister, or a wife. Pushpa has taught people that only if they stay happy and satisfied themselves, will they be able to keep their family content. In conclusion, I would say that she has taught us to celebrate every little win over the past year.

Her favourite aspect of portraying the character of Pushpa has been the passion and optimism that her character holds toward life.

“Her positivity and hopefulness encourages and motivates people. She is a fighter! She believes in living life to the fullest and she never believes in giving up. I love the little child in her who hops around with happiness, gets into trouble, sobs when hurt, and always carries innocence within”, she added.

‘Pushpa Impossible’ airs Monday to Saturday on Sony SAB.

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