Celebrity Rakul Preet’s daring bikini plunge in minus 15 degree water wows the internet

Rakul Preet Singh’s Icy Dip: A Bold Act of Bravery and Health

Celebrity Rakul Preet Singh has been making waves on social media with her latest video. The video shows Rakul taking a dip in -15-degree water, a daring act that has earned her much praise and attention. Let’s take a closer look at Rakul’s icy dip and what it means for her health and wellness.

Rakul’s Cryotherapy Experience

In the video, Rakul can be seen wearing a bikini and taking a dip in ice-cold water. She has undergone cryotherapy, a cold therapy that is known for its numerous health benefits. Cryotherapy is used for skin treatment, muscle recovery, and to alleviate various health issues. During the dip, Rakul was seen wearing pain relief patches on her shoulder, which suggests that she might be using cryotherapy to manage pain and inflammation.

The Viral Video and Fan Reactions

Rakul’s latest video has gone viral on social media, with fans showering her with praise for the daring act. The post has received numerous likes and comments, with many praising Rakul for her bravery. Fans have also been commenting on the health benefits of cryotherapy and how it can improve overall well-being.

Rakul’s Film Career

Apart from her recent icy dip, Rakul Preet Singh is a well-known Bollywood actress with an impressive film career. She has appeared in several Bollywood films, including “Yaariyan” and “De De Pyaar De.” Recently, she was seen in the OTT film “Kathputli, Chhatriwali, Thank God,” with her performance in “Chhatriwali” receiving acclaim. The film can be viewed on the OTT platform Zee5.

The Importance of Health and Wellness

Rakul Preet Singh’s icy dip is not just a bold act of bravery but also a statement on the importance of health and wellness. Cryotherapy is a popular treatment among athletes, celebrities, and health enthusiasts for its numerous benefits, including improved blood circulation, reduced inflammation, and faster muscle recovery. Rakul’s video has sparked a conversation on the importance of taking care of one’s health and the different ways to achieve it.


Rakul Preet Singh’s latest video has garnered a lot of attention on social media, and for all the right reasons. Her icy dip is a bold act of bravery and a statement on the importance of health and wellness. As an actress, Rakul is an inspiration to many, and her recent video has only solidified her status as a role model.

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