Chakshu Bandhan

One person creates sense of self-interest. It creates confusion in the minds of other people around you. It’s a mystery to the audience how successful or unsuccessful he is in trying to break free from the twigs he has created. Anish Entertainment’s  new film ‘Chakshu Bandhan’. Its story revolves around love, deceit, mystery and excitement. Sponsored by Mr Tapan Kumar Das, the film is directed by Rajendra Mohanty. Movie Chakshu Bandhan’s acting is expected to attract new audiences and its own style.

It stars casting with   Bhoomika Dash in the role of ollywood’s romantic actress in a different role, while Bengali actor Ishana Sengupta is expected to tie the knot with the audience. Rajani satpati and Nirmal Nayak  composing the song for the  film. Rajesh and Rushi to be seen in the  lead roles as well. The music is directed by Abhijit Manumdar. And with debut singer binni, Dilip Balbantray . It was released in both Oriya and Bangali

Chakshu Bandhan Movie